About Our Company

The Savasort Story

Chances are, if you walked into any trucking terminal in the USA, you would see a Savasort document sorter at the loading dock, as Savasort counts 48 of the top 50 trucking companies in the USA as their clients. In the medical records area, Johns Hopkins and Harvard Hospitals are amongst many prestigious users. Government and general office users make up another third of the company’s sales, and the States of California and New York are amongst clients in this area.

Started in 1929, the company developed its "bread and butter" product -- the trucking industry sorter -- in the fifties, and it became an instant seller. "It spread like a drop of oil on a pool of water," is how company founder Roger Goodin puts it. In 1990, Goodin retired and sold the company to current President, Phil Elmore. Elmore was impressed with the company's innovative patented products and interesting history saying, "There aren't many companies in the USA like Savasort which have been around since the twenties that continue to be successful." Since 1990, Elmore has increased sales by more than 300% through marketing which builds on the past success of the product.

The products are manufactured under tight quality control right at its own manufacturing facility in Florida, and are made from super strong, light, and durable materials like anodized aluminum and high strength polypropylenes. The products are also made to withstand years of heavy use.